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One of our main aims is to raise funds for research into womb cancer, principally undertaken within the womb cancer research team at the University of Manchester.  The research group, led by Professor Crosbie focuses its efforts on the prevention, early detection and treatment of womb cancer. In doing so, it also supports the careers of budding gynaecological oncologists and researchers. The research team has several ongoing studies looking into the use of non-invasive tests for womb cancer detection, with the vision that one day these could be used within GP surgeries. They are also developing womb cancer risk prediction tools that will identify those at higher risk of womb cancer who might benefit from prevention strategies. Over recent years, there have been a rising number of young women diagnosed with womb cancer, and the womb cancer research team are looking into more conservative treatments to enable these women to keep their wombs and have children in the future. Last year, as a direct result of their extensive research into the inherited condition Lynch syndrome, which increases the risk of womb and bowel cancer, changes in national guidelines have been made with regards to screening for this condition in women diagnosed with womb cancer.  This will have a huge impact on the future health of these patients and the health of their families.


Currently, the research undertaken by the womb cancer research team is funded by bodies such as Cancer Research UK and the National Institute for Health Research.  Grants for these are complex and time consuming to complete and competition is fierce.  As Peaches Womb Cancer Trust grows over the coming years, we aspire to become funders of research ourselves, dedicated to improving the lives of those with or at risk of womb cancer.

Peaches Womb Cancer Trust
Blair Bell Bursary 2021

Applications are invited from non-Consultant grade researchers* who aspire to present their work at the 2021 RCOG Annual Academic/Blair Bell Research Society Meeting, to be held virtually on 25 th -26 th February 2021. Peaches Womb Cancer Trust, in support of research into womb cancer, are delighted to support a clinician or academic by providing a bursary to attend the Blair Bell 2021 meeting. Preference will be given to applications whose research pertains to prevention, screening, early detection or treatment of endometrial cancer, however applications are accepted from all spheres of gynaecological research.

To apply, please compose and submit a 250-300 (maximum) word lay summary of your research and submit an accompanying short CV. The successful applicant’s summary will be published on the Peaches Womb Cancer Trust website. The applicant must be:

– A trainee:

*for clinicians this is defined as pre-CCT
*for scientists this is defined as fewer than three years post PhD award.

– A Medical student 

Applications, by email to by 01.02.2021.
The successful applicant will be informed by 15.02.2021

Peaches Womb Cancer Trust

“Improving the lives of those with and at risk of womb cancer”

Mark Brincat – Bursary Winner

Sponsored Delegate – Olivia Jones

My name is Olivia Jones, a third year medical student about to intercalate in a Master’s of Research course based at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester. I have an interest in Gynaecology, and my ambition is to improve women’s health outcomes through research.  I am honoured to have been awarded a Peaches Womb Cancer Trust Bursary to attend the International Gynaecologic Cancer Society Global Meeting in August. I will be presenting the findings of a research project I have been involved in that has focused on measuring public understanding of womb cancer. I hope that the results of the study will help to improve awareness of this common, yet largely overlooked cancer, amongst all those at risk.